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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 24 Mar

    Conservation Week

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    Feng Shui is one of the tools we can use to live in harmony with our environment. Another useful tool is to just simply respect and ‘take good care of’ our physical environment.

    Shortly, Conservation week (held 28 March – 5 April) will be upon us. This is a great opportunity to get involved in a variety of environment-themed activities and celebrate the achievements of conservation organisations as well as your own personal contribution and achievements

    18 Nov


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    At 8:30pm on Saturday 28 March, people from all corners of the world will turn off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour- and cast their vote for action on climate change. Anybody can participate and join together


    Conservation & Green Home workshops

    Free workshops are available to discover how you can reduce your impact on the environment at home and in your lifestyle.

    23 Feb


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    The early 1900’s was not only a turbulent period but also a time when radical ideologies were on the rise. Consequently International Women's Day was formed and has been celebrated worldwide ever since.

    Each year, on the Eighth day of March, thousands of events are held throughout the world to celebrate the tremendously positive achievements women have made since the beginning of the 20th century. There are diverse local activities connecting all women and these functions

    Whilst Chinese Animal astrology based only on the year of birth is not complete it can give you some idea of what’s in store. For a fuller, intricate and reliable assessment of the year ahead it is advisable to use the Four Pillars of Destiny system which requires your full birth data of hour, day, month and year.

    06 Jan

    The Year of the Earth Ox

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    The Chinese have a unique calendar system commonly known as the ‘Farmers calendar’ or the ‘Hsia calendar’. It is an enthralling system that provides us with information about prevailing elemental influences at any given point in time. It makes use of the five elements –water, wood, fire, earth and metal- and their cycles, to determine the various aspects affecting the world.

    In November of 2008, I was privileged to be invited as a panelist to the 5th International Feng Shui Convention held at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre. The

    Guests included well known Feng Shui author Lillian Too, (from Malaysia) who gave a keynote address. Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai presented on the topic ‘Ethics of a Feng Shui practitioner’. There were also presentations from Master Tan Khoon Yong and Master Raymond Lo the

    The fifteenth day of the 10th lunar month is a day that is commonly known as the ‘Xia Yuan festival’.

    This is the birthday of the celestial emperor also known as the Official of Water or the God of Water. According to Taoist cosmology the three primary elements of the universe are Heaven, Earth and Water. There are three celestial officials/emperors governing these realms and they are;

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