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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
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  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 29 Apr

    Happiness and Success with the Five Elements

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    Balance in our environment in order to achieve harmony and success is the essential nature of Feng Shui.

    According to Chinese philosophy everything in this world is made up from one of, or a combination of the 5 elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal – and they exert a great influence on our daily lives.

    Everything in the universe is composed of and subject to these five forces symbolised by elements commonly found on earth, and that everything, whether human, animal, vegetable, mineral or abstract, including man and his destiny.

    Since these elements constitute the 5 basic forces in the universe, we should always bear in mind that these elements have significance far beyond their ‘actual’ name. Each of the elements has a predominant nature associated with it and are not only related to colour and direction but also to seasons, to body organs, to the planets, even emotions and numbers.

    However, as a beginning, it is worthwhile considering just the physical attributes as per the examples below;

    Water:- represents the winter months, a time of hibernation at the end of the year and is represented by the north. Water is complete Yin and yet often used to promote prosperity. The colours of water are black to soft greys and, its shape is wavy.

    Wood:- represented by the colour green, signifies life, growth, health and vitality. The shape of wood is rectangular. East, the direction of wood is the direction of new beginnings and the promise of growth. This is a Yang time, when the Chi is rising, the day is beginning or spring has arrived.

    Fire:- All reds, from a soft pink through to a vivid cerise or raspberry and burgundy are all colours of fire. The direction of fire is south, where it symbolises noon and the height of the day, summer and the fullness of the year… life at its most yang. Triangular shapes – the shape of flames - are the shapes associated with the fire element.

    Earth:- The earth element has no season of its own but represents the transition between seasons – between the changing parts of the day. The location of earth is in the centre; its colours yellow, caramel or terracotta. Curiously, the shape of earth is not round but square. It is the universe that is represented by the circle; the earth is represented by the square - the container of life.

    Metal:- Metal is the process of gathering in, representing the afternoon of the day, the autumn of the year when natural chi begins slowly to diminish. The direction of metal is west where the sun sets and the shapes for metal are round or arched. Metal’s colours are white, gold and silver. The circular shape is associated with the metal element.

    In fact, when you view the new 5 element bracelet along with the 5 element pendant you will notice that they have been designed according to the above associations so that each of the five elements are represented by their colours within the gemstones. In this way, opportunity for balance, harmony and therefore success is much greater.

    Everything that has ever happened or will happen to us is subject to the influence of these elements. And, as with everything else in the universe, the elements, though seemingly chaotic and independent are connected and related to each other through two basic laws, expressed in the form of two cycles - the cycle of birth and the cycle of destruction.

    It is easy to understand the relationships within the cycle of birth and indeed see them played out in daily life. For example; Ashes and carbon particulates from fire nourish the earth. The earth in turn creates minerals and metals. Metals, when hot become fluid and need water to cool. Water feeds the trees to make them grow and develop wood. Finally, wood burns to nourish the fire.

    This is a benevolent, nurturing cycle and it’s when these five elements are in balance…that harmony can be achieved. In brief the productive cycle is much more congenial and for this reason it is best to use this cycle when solving problems within the environment. When effectively combined they can bring good luck and success.

    By recognising the elements and their changing relationships and then by constantly adapting the elements to suit a given situation, it is possible for us to achieve greater balance both in our environment and in ourselves.

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