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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 29 Apr

    Study FENG SHUI with Grand Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong.

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    Do you want to create the life you want through your environment and…help others to do the same??

    An opportunity exists for you to study with one of the worlds most esteemed Feng Shui practitioners, authors and professional teachers who is generous and fully committed to sharing his knowledge of Feng Shui.

    There has been a great deal of emphasis placed on ‘Flying Star’ Feng Shui and with very good reason. It is a style of Feng Shui that takes into consideration the aspect of time and...as we all know, everything changes with time – it cannot be ignored.

    However, all too often Flying Star Feng Shui is misused and misrepresented. It is often practiced at a basic level and without taking into consideration land form principles.

    Consequently Grand Master Lo has constructed a course that brings the two together. In this way, it is assured that your Feng Shui practice is exceptional. This comprehensive course is specifically designed to reveal principles, theories and practices of using both landform and Flying Star Feng Shui. Studies with Grand Master Lo provide you with information and specialised techniques that enable you to become proficient in your practice and demonstrate an excellent knowledge of Feng Shui.

    A world renowned specialist in Chinese Metaphysics Grand Master Lo has dedicated his life to researching, learning, reviewing and interpreting hidden secrets and information so as to pass on his knowledge to his students in a logical manner and which is easily transferrable to modern-day life.

    Easy to understand, Grand Master Lo has devoted more than 25 years of his life to the subject of Feng Shui and Destiny and authored more than 8 titles in English. Many of these titles have been translated into other languages, including Russian, Japanese, Thai, Greek, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian. A true Grand Master of his field he is committed to offering his extensive knowledge to his students in a logical and methodical manner.

    Who should attend this course?

    Feng Shui consultants who wish to expand their knowledge and deliver a superior class of service to their client base. Plus…real estate agents, builders, architects, interior designers and landscape architects would not only gain knowledge to benefit themselves and their clients, but also gain a marketing advantage over their competitors.

    NB: Very few opportunities exist where Flying Star and Land form principles are taught not only within the same curriculum but how to utilise them efficiently and effectively. If you wish to deepen your knowledge on how to apply valuable, authentic Feng Shui principles to modern-day life and remain in integrity with this ancient system then…do not miss this unique opportunity!

    This week-long course will provide you with:

    • Six days of intensive learning with audio-visual aids. It will cover ‘Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui’ and…how to apply the landscape principles and theories. You will develop the knowledge to locate the most auspicious residential and commercial buildings for your clients and provide them with excellent recommendations enabling you to positively transform their lives and businesses.
    • One full day of Two guided practical onsite exercises. On this day, you will bring together the teachings of the week and utilise them within Two classical consultation exercises. With Grand Master Lo by your side you learn how to apply these special techniques to both commercial and residential premises.
    • All students receive a copy of all associated workbooks

    Course Outcomes

    • At the conclusion of this course you will receive your certificate of attendance from Grand Master Raymond Lo’s International school of Feng Shui and Destiny.
    • The application of ‘Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui’; including…how to apply the landscape principles and theories along with it. You will alsohave the knowledge to locate the most auspicious residential n commercial buildings for your clients providing them with excellent recommendations enabling you to positively transform their lives and businesses.
    • An opportunity exists for all our students to participate in our Online Community so that you can post your questions and view responses from colleagues and…Grand Master Lo who is an active moderator. You will receive helpful feedback and in this way we can grow together and practice Feng Shui at a higher level.

    Relevant workbooks and refreshment; Morning tea, Afternoon tea and a hot lunch is provided.

    Venue: The Mantra on Hay
    Adelaide Terrace Perth
    Date: 11th – 17th June 2011 Grand Master Lo is in Australia to present:

    • Feng Shui (1) - 11, 12 & 13 June 2011
    • Feng Shui (2) – 14, 15 & 16 June 2011
    • On site practical exercise day - 17 June 2011

    Examination for students who have completed the curriculum - 18 June 2011

    What makes Feng Shui so incredibly powerful and vitally important is that it is one of the first, powerful and controllable influences that can support and enhance all areas of your life.

    During this exciting week and three magical workshops you learn to determine the patterns within your living and work space that influences yours and your family’s life. It enables you to discover and highlight your properties strengths yet minimise the weaknesses allowing you to manage your life better – bringing more happiness and more prosperity.

    Don’t miss out on this very special event!!

    Book NOW for your early bird discount by contacting Juliana on any of 61 (8) 9321 8888

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