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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 28 Mar


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    Some say that intention is not within our control. Indeed it is merely the phenomenon of anticipation rather than conscious instigation.
    In his book Peace and Harmony in Daily Living, Ramesh Balsekar writes that “Ambrose Bierce, the renowned American journalist and author said: The mind’s sense of the prevalence of one set of influences over

    another set: an effect whose cause is the imminence, immediate or remote, of the performance of the act intended by the person incurring the intention. This means that conscious intentions are more likely to arise when decisions are complicated and processing is protracted. It also suggests that conscious intention is often wrong. In conclusion it seems that his reframing of intention appears less comforting but is in fact more veracious and therefore more functional”.

    So, let us consider the example of rising in the morning. Getting out of bed is the first important and purposeful action that we take on a daily basis. Whilst it’s usually the first calculated act of the day it doesn’t necessarily feel as if it is guided by specific intention. Rather it feels like an automatic response to the rousing of the body and the mind; whether it be caused by the sun rising and merely opening the eyes, pressure on the bladder, the sounding of an alarm or the thought of much work to be done….we suddenly find that we have gotten up.
    Others however, say that we create our own reality. That we can intend to create a new life for ourselves right here and…right now. We can use our all powerful mind and our creative imaginations to create a life completely of our own making. We can begin to see ourselves as attractive, worthy, prosperous and successful in every way. And, if every one of us had this same intention, the world would indeed be a very different place.

    For me, intention is not about being generous or grand of thought, or even resolutely and steadfastly determined. It is more of an inner awareness; a clarity that comes from deep within our being that provides strength and conviction to our needs and desires.

    Many years ago, a friend and I were having one of our many philosophical conversations and on this particular day we were discussing the creation of enormous wealth. Being a man of considerable means I listened intently as he told me his story.

    He grew up in a very humble home, in fact, in a very poor household when on many occasions there was very little to eat if anything at all. As a young boy, on many, many evenings he would despair upon hearing his father’s sobs and heartfelt misery for not being able to provide for his family in the manner he wanted. On one particular day, my friend was sitting on the river bank hearing and feeling his own and his father’s distress, as one – yet again. Whilst pondering the family’s predicament he reached into his pocket and pulled out every last coin. He then made a momentous decision throwing his entire sum of money into the river whilst vowing to give absolutely everything he had, all the intensity he could muster, including his own life for the creation of great wealth. He asked that the river take his coin out into the ocean and return it many, many times over. He was sixteen.

    He then explained that from that moment forward whenever he was about to make a decision or embark on any activity he would always ask the question; Is what I’m doing or thinking of doing, going to contribute to my financial success.

    Twenty years after making that significant decision and committing wholeheartedly to his clear intention, at the age of 36 he fully retired and still is, another twenty years on. Since then, he has traveled a more spiritual path with the same vim and vigour that he approached his creation of wealth.

    People set intentions all the time; to lose weight, become fit and healthy, write a book, climb a mountain, get married, live overseas, keep the house clean or create great wealth. So, why is it that most of the time these good intentions aren’t fulfilled. In particular why, when so many people are angling, wanting and despairing for financial success, they don’t achieve it to any great degree.

    What struck me on the day my friend shared his story, was the simplicity of it all and that not once did he use the word intention. Yet, this clarity from deep within him and his concrete, unwavering desire was his intention; and that this intention was made with such conviction that it gave him the strength and fortitude to deal with all the challenges he faced along the way.

    So then, is there a place for intention when addressing the environment and improving the Feng Shui of a home? I believe that if you have the force and power of the mind behind you on a regular and consistent basis, it only serves to increase and add value to the positive environmental changes that can be made with authentic and appropriate Feng Shui applications.

    The reality is…that unless you are vigilant in maintaining your intention and constantly reinforcing it - intentions are merely thoughts that come and go. Without a commitment to action and conscientious focus they are of little value. Intention then becomes only one part of an equation. Commitment and Focus are also required.

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