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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 18 Nov

    Where the heart is

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    Home is where the heart is and what could be better for the heart than to live a life filled with passion, purpose and abundance. Feng Shui can support this process.

    Why should cultured, modern society take an interest in an arcane system that has at its heart the challenge of proper placement? This includes the placement of your plot of land within the township or city environment, the placement of your home on that land, the placement of

    the rooms within the home, and the furnishings within those rooms. This is why it is so often called the ‘Art of Placement’. Fundamentally, Feng Shui is about positioning yourself to your absolute best advantage. At the heart of it, Feng Shui is about positioning yourself within an environment so that you can powerfully and effectively improve your chances to enhance and positively transform all aspects of your life; so that your environment supports you in achieving success in the world and all that may mean to you.

    But why should you take a theory based on the balance between ‘Wind and Water’? A theory that uses simple principles and yet so complex in its implementation and yet again, when practiced correctly, produces astonishingly positive results with ease.

    It's a truly graceful solution to lives filled with electronic computers, mobile phones, chattering faxes, and ultra hectic schedules, which always manage to intervene between you and the natural world, the ‘essence’ of you.

    Feng Shui, at its heart, is based on the premise that everything in the universe is inextricably linked by a universal energy often coined as chi. When flowing in a smooth and balanced fashion, that is, neither too slow or too quickly it serves as a conductor to bring about positive influences or at the very least provides us with opportunity. When the chi does not flow smoothly, difficulties abound and you can suffer inexplicable reversals in various aspects of your life such as health and relationship issues, financial and professional problems. If you doubt this, then consider a time and place where you have flourished both personally and professionally, a time when you have felt energized by the sheer act of things coming together easily. On the other hand, consider where you were when you felt drained or lacking in motivation. You may notice that during the times of lack, it is usually when you have disconnected from your own heart along with the universal energy at the centre of the Feng Shui principles.

    During spring we tend to do some spring cleaning to bring a new, fresh, revived and clean feeling into the home. Why not add some Feng Shui advantage to this process.

    During the month of October, the southeast brings with it some difficulties and obstacles during that period. If your front door is located in this sector then in order to create a more smooth and easy flowing time throughout the course of the month, hang a metal bell on your front door so that it chimes every time you and others enter or leave. An alternative is to hang an all metal wind chime in this area. If neither of these options are suitable then place a 5 element pagoda in this area. On the other hand, if your master bedroom is positioned so that it is within the southeast area of your home then make certain that you introduce one of the aforementioned measures, all the while remembering to ensure that, at intervals, you hear the sound of the metal chiming. In this way it will disperse the potential negativity pertaining to your physical health and relationships.

    Another way of supporting your health during the month of October is to hang a string of six metal coin in the north sector of your home or business. Once again this strategy of reducing the impact of illness from this direction is more important when the main entry point, the kitchen and the bedrooms fall within this area.

    At this time, the northwest also brings with it some additional obstacles and so it is an opportune time to place within this sector of your home or business, 4 stems of bamboo (or any plant that grows in water only) at the northwest position.

    In addition to the placement of these specific Feng Shui objects, create an energy of renewal by opening up your home to the vibrant spring air and applying the rule of placement regarding some furnishings within the home.

    The rigors of displacement of both objects and people; when you’re sleeping or working, and the various influences of the property itself, collectively impact on you. Some simple rules of placement are;

    • Always place the head of your bed so that it is against a solid wall.
    • Place your desk, particularly if you are running a business from home, so that your back is to a solid wall and the side of the desk is flush with another wall.
    • Ensure that large objects (both internally and externally) do not obstruct the main entrance to the home.

    It was interesting listening to friends recently recount the first steps into a mutual friend’s new home and its initial impact on them. Whilst the rest of the home was spacious and beautifully presented, upon entering the main foyer, to their surprise and discomfort, there was a very large painting by a well known local artist, of a gruesome war scene hanging on the main wall of the entrance. Each of these friends experienced negative sensations and so it is worthwhile to pay attention to what you place on the walls of your home. Symbolism is subtle, yet potent in its effect on your state of mind. Wherever you live, whether it is a small apartment, a home or a mansion overlooking the bay, most people want their home, their own small part of the world to have enough heart and soul so that it enables you to regenerate when the need arises and also celebrate your successes as they come to bear.

    At the heart of Feng Shui practice is the use of practical means to alter the physics of space and infuse rooms with harmony and opportunity. In this way, Feng Shui provides a focus towards transformation and positive, dynamic outcomes enabling you to live a passionate, abundant life - from the heart.

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