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  • 02 Nov

    Your Feng Shui Garden - Spring 08

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    PART 1

    Spring has sprung and with it comes a renewed interest in the condition and appearance of our garden. It is the perfect day to concentrate on our garden - an area which is integral to creating ‘sense of place’.

    Over the years I have found a great deal of interest in how Feng Shui can be applied to the garden, symbolically as well as with various plants. Hence, I thought some of you would be interested in how to work with the garden using Feng Shui.

    This doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise, nor does your garden have to be disjointed in its design.

    One of the most important aspects of the external landscape when you’re looking at the placement of your home is the mountain behind you. Often, homes have this mountain missing. This can be due to the land sloping downwards from the front, or simply that the land is completely flat.

    In the absence of mountains, trees can have the same protective role. The best plants are those that grow tall and dense such as the enduring bamboo or majestic Chinese appletree. This definitely discounts the elegant Palm tree.

    Another option is to use trailing plants such as the Bougainvillea. Those thorns will keep out burglars and the joyful, resplendent colours will brighten up anyone’s day. On the more practical side, the Bougainvillea is a very hardy plant.

    Landforms surrounding a location are guardians of the site and they can contain beneficial energy while preventing destructive forces entering.

    These guardians are called the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Phoenix and Black Tortoise and the formation of these guardians will determine their effectiveness.

    When the ‘Dragon’ is missing or is very weak (The ‘Dragon’ is to the left of your front door when you are facing the road) arguments in the home can be enhanced.

    The disharmony is in direct proportion to the imbalance in the land as well other internal arrangement factors. Once again, planting, in a similar fashion to the back ‘mountain’ or by placing lattice above an existing fence then trailing a perfumed vine will help to counterbalance and bring about increased harmony.

    An additional option is to place a big statue of a dragon to represent this guardian with the added advantage of creating a visual feast. Hence, symbolically you can place statues of the animals in their respective positions and ‘dress up’ your garden at the same time.

    Some other pointers:
    It’s preferrable if paths are not long and straight. If they are, Chi - or energy - runs too quickly towards your home, so it’s best to design paths that meander and curve through your garden. A curved path encourages the energy to move more slowly. If you already have straight paths, then allow plants to grow over them so the chi can circulate freely around them.

    Water feature are beautiful all year round. The trickling, splashing, reflecting of light and shade are soothing against a backdrop of plants, rocks and stones.

    In Feng Shui, moving water is associated with prosperity. Water features in your garden can be elegant, funky, modern or classical in design. The key is that whether the fountain is the focal point or blends into your foliage - it still remains part of the overall theme and creates a sense of balance and calm. Lastly the appropriate location of water is essential.

    A good tidy up at this time is invaluable as we need to make room to invite in that positive chi and be part of nature.

    Remember...balance and harmony is
    the key to a good feng shui garden.

    PART 2

    As a person with a keen interest in Feng Shui, it is always useful to find out ways to support your endeavours in creating a harmonious and prosperous living environment. If, like me, you enjoy the outdoors and particularly gardening then this will be of interest to you.

    In other countries where most people live in apartments, the garden is not particularly relevant. However, in Australia, given todays lifestyle climate our gardens are extensions of our homes. We are especially fortunate with our large suburban blocks. They give us the opportunity to influence our external environment by creating good ‘form’ using trees etc to replace missing support structures within the natural landscape ( see main article ). This fundamental configuration provides the ideal starting point for your garden.

    Soft, meandering lines can create a sense of natural movement. Another feature that is important in creating a Feng Shui Garden is the use of flowing water. Moving Water has always been associated with stimulating prosperity. Most of us we do not have a river or stream on our property so we need to create a situation, within our means, that reflects this.

    A great way to introduce moving water is with Garden Water Features. There are a multitude of styles available so it will be possible to purchase a type of fountain that is to your taste and will compliment the existing design of your garden; whether that be modern, classical, minimalist or even funky.

    As mentioned a pivotal factor in the effectiveness of your water feature is its location. To find the most ideal Feng Shui location for your fountain requires specific formulas and the appropriate skills. These can be obtained through training or via a professional consultation.

    Another excellent reason for including a water feature in your spring garden is their beauty. They provide a focal point from which you can build on, creating a restful and rejuvenating space in which to entertain or simply sit quietly.

    For those who have the apartment lifestyle and space is very limited you still have options for stimulating prosperity using moving water. Table top water featuresare perfect for the same reasons.

    For optimum effect, correct placement is to be considered. In general terms however, the Southeast brings with it the energy of unexpected money this year. And...with these fountains, ones that are small enough to move around on an annual basis this could be the location worth trying out, providing the room is not being used as a bedroom.

    However ‘one size does not fit all’ in Feng Shui and without a consultation there is no way of telling what other forces will be stimulated.

    If you choose to place your fountain in the southeast sector, observe what happens. If finances improve, then the fountain is good there. If money matters deteriorate move it , perhaps to the East and again observe any change till you get it right.

    I do wish you every success and hopeyou have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful benefits of your garden and this magical season.

    “I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose
    I would always greet it in a garden.”

    Ruth Stout

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