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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • 21 Aug


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    For the duration of the Olympics, The Feng Shui Shop is using the Four Pillars of Destiny to predict athletes performances in chosen events. Certain athletes have been selected and by using their birth data, (which is then transposed into the Chinese astrological system known as the Four Pillars of Destiny of Bazi), in conjuction with the elemental forces of the day, Juliana Abram uses her expertise in the subject to provide an informative and interesting commentary. This page will be updated daily.


    Australia’s Daniel Repacholi will go into the Beijing games competing in the men’s 10m air pistol event. Born in the Year of the Water Dog but more importantly on an Earth Dog day, Daniel is a strong Earth person requiring the elements of Metal and Water for balance. He’s entering a long, auspicious period and the support of the Water element provided by the Year of the Rat – 2008 will hold him in good stead for a successful shooting during these summer games.

    The other Australian in this event, David Moore, 52, is also in good luck. However, given that he is a strong Wood person needing the elements of Fire and Earth he is not supported by the intense Water generated by the Rat.

    And whilst Moore is divinely guided according to Chinese Astrology I would say that the strong will and determination of Repacholi will help him to outperform his older Australian rival.

    Result: Daniel Repacholi came in 31st and David Moore 35th

    MICHAEL DIAMOND- Trap Shooting

    Born in the year of the Yang Water Rat and on the day of the Metal Pig, Michael is a Yin Metal person. For balance he requires the influence of Earth and Metal. Whilst he is supported by these energies in his personal luck period and the timing of the games, the strength and offending position generated by the element of the Yang Water Rat may create some challenges during these Olympics.

    According to Chinese astrology he is a man with a reasonable level of discipline, loaded with skill and talent. The two-time Olympic gold medalist in the trap has the uncanny knack of rising to the occasion. So even though competition will be particularly tough, especially given he missed his pre-games preparation in Beijing he cannot be discounted from finishing on the medal podium.

    Result: After failing in a ""shoot off"" with Alexey Alipov where the former shot 3 traps and Diamond shot 2 - he narrowly missed out on the bronze medal and came 4th.


    Grant Hackett one of Australia’s finest athletes considers himself physically and mentally prepared for the Beijing Olympics.

    According to Chinese astrology Grant was born in the year of the metal monkey. However, what determines his characteristics is the day of birth. And is it any surprise that this happens to be the day of Yang water. He is a little weak in this element and so needs it above all else, and this is what underpins his drive to succeed in the pool.

    This divinely protected and charismatic leader of the Australian swimming team not only has a fierce competitor in this event according to his chart, but is also in clash with the year. It may well be touch and go in this event.

    Result: Grant Hackett placed 6th in the final.

    LISBETH TRICKETT- 100M Butterfly

    An emotional person with a beaming smile, Libby Trickett (nee Lenton) is also speedy and powerful, dominating women’s sprint events in the pool.

    Libby is a weak, Yin Fire lady needing the strength and positive influences of Wood and Fire. Whilst her personal luck period is okay, the season of the games and the Rat year of 2008 do not support her. However the elemental influences of the day that she is competing in her 100m butterfly event combine forces to give her a very good chance of success in this event.

    Even though Libby is set to wage a tight battle, particularly against teammate Jessica Schipper, for the crown in this event, if she can keep her nerves under control, Libby will have a good chance of standing on the podium, a medal in hand, on this occasion.

    Result: Libby won Gold with a time of 56.73 seconds.

    LEISEL JONES- 100M Breaststroke

    Can Leisel Jones rule the women’s breaststroke events? Jones, 22, considers herself her very own biggest threat.

    Born in the year of the Wood Ox and on the day of Yin Metal, Jones is a strong Metal lady who needs the elements of Water and Wood to create balance within. Jones is moving into a better personal luck cycle and is also supported by the year of the Yang Water Rat. This augurs well for Leisel, however the month of August and the day she competes, goes against her.

    In her third, and perhaps her last Olympics she is definitely chasing that elusive, individual gold medal. If she manages her stress well and channels her energy correctly – she can do it.

    Result: Leisel won Gold with an Olympic record time of 1:05.17

    STEPHANIE RICE- 200M Medley

    Born in the year of the Earth Dragon, but more importantly according to Chinese astrology on a Water Rabbit Day, this makes Stephanie Rice a Yin Water person.

    Whilst Rice’s personal luck is mediocre she is strongly supported by the year of the Water Rat and the month of strong Metal, both of which she needs. However on the day of this event she is in clash and consequently will need to keep any tension at bay particularly in the area of her neck.

    Making her Olympic debut, attractive Stephanie rice is set for her Beijing battle with American teenager Katie Hoff in the 200m medley. In the past year these two have been trading places for the number one spot at various championships. But having bared all for men’s magazine FHM – there is no doubt that glamour girl Rice will hold nothing back in this tight race and give Hoff a run for her money.

    Result: Stephanie won Gold with a time of 2:08.45


    One of the most anticipated match ups in the pool.

    Considered Australia’s new sprint freestyle superstar, this sexy man was born in the year of the Wood Ox and on the day of Yin Metal. Consequently Sullivan needs the elements of Water and Wood according to Chinese astrology. His personal luck is not particularly solid although he is well supported by the strong Water provided in the year of the Rat – 2008.

    In contrast, the other proven performer in this event, Pieter van den Hoogenband, also known as the “Flying Dutchman”, 30, is in very good luck, surrounded with strong Fire and Earth elements. Being a strong Wood person they are just the elements that he needs. His chart is saturated with strong competitors, and he is not supported by the year or the month of these Beijing Games but, the day of this race he will be a force to be reckoned with and will take on his younger rival. This is one to watch!!

    Result: Whilst Eamon did not win a medal he touched in front of the flying dutchman

    LISBETH TRICKETT- 100M Freestyle

    Having broken her ‘Gold Medal Drought’ by leaving the field behind in the 100m butterfly and winning well, Libby Trickett (nee Lenton) is, without doubt a powerful, dominating force in the women’s sprint events in the pool.

    Needing the elements of Wood and Fire in particular to help settle her and keep her well balanced, Libby will have to draw on all her discipline for this 100m freestyle race to keep her nerves in check.

    She’ll also have to fight harder in this event to stand on the podium as her chart, along with the timing of this event suggests that she has a particularly tough and spirited competitor near her, who has Libby well within her sights.

    Result: Libby did not initially qualify for the final of this event but was able to race due to the disqualification of another competitor and achieved a silver medal from the outside lane.

    LEISEL JONES- 200M Breaststroke

    Born in the year of the Wood Ox and on the day of Yin Metal, this 22 year old is a strong Metal lady who needs the elements of Water and Wood for balance – and in Chinese metaphysics balance is exactly what we try to achieve.

    Jones who sites Sam Riley as her hero will be racing in her third Olympics, and it may well be her final thrust to hold another coveted gold.

    According to Chinese astrology, along with the support generated by the Year of the Water Rat, she will also be buoyed by the day of the Yin Water Pig. This makes it an even better day for her to compete and so whether it is bronze, silver or gold – we could well see her on the medal podium.

    Result: Leisel won silver when American Rebecca Soni ran the race of her life.

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