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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 13 May


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    Whilst Feng Shui encompasses the physical environment it is much, much more than that – it goes Beyond what you can see and touch. The words Feng Shui literally translate into Wind and Water.

    The Feng component of ‘Feng Shui’ refers not only to the actual wind but also to something more abstract and intangible – the invisible forces which permeate the universe.

    With the introduction of quantum physics scientists have come to acknowledge what metaphysical and spiritual teachers had known for hundreds of years – that the fabric of the universe is not solid matter but a type of force that can be called energy. Physically, all of us are composed entirely of energy; molecules, atoms and an array of sub atomic particles all moving in dynamic and structured patterns. Everything within and outside us is energy and each one of us goes beyond the immediate physical being and is a part of one great universal energy field. Objects, which to our physical senses appear immovably solid and separate; a wall, a chair, a mountain – are, at a subatomic level composed of particles of energy vibrating at different speeds. It is this variation in the speeds that give objects the pattern and separation of their physical form. Physicists do not describe these subatomic particles as isolated grains of matter but rather as being interconnected, constantly interacting with each other in an indivisible cosmic web. Indeed science dictates through one of its principles, ‘gravity’, that the placement of an object in a specific space will alter the flow of energy in direct relationship to its mass and position. What is more this energy flow appears to be self-directing. Gary Zukav, Harvard Graduate, Chair of the Government and Politics Strategy Group for the Campaign for the Earth and the author of the best-selling The Dancing Wu Li Masters, the original bible for those wishing to understand quantum physics, says … ‘‘The astounding discovery awaiting newcomers to physics is that the evidence gathered in the development of quantum mechanics indicates that subatomic ‘particles’ continuously appear to be making decisions! More than that, the decisions they make are based on decisions made elsewhere. Subatomic particles seem to know instantaneously what decisions are made elsewhere and elsewhere can be as far away as another galaxy! The key word is instantaneously! How can a subatomic particle over here know what decision another particle over there has made at the same time the particle over there, makes it.’ All of us, at some time, have walked into a room where there has been an argument and sensed the bad, negative atmosphere. Similarly, when visiting a battlefield, such as the trenches of the First World War or the concentration camps associated with Nazi Germany, people can still sense the atmosphere of sadness and death. The air is still and heavy. The battle may have been fought many years ago and the suffering long passed, but the negative Chi still permeates the environment. This aspect of the universe is what takes us beyond what we can see and touch and appears to be directly related to the ancient metaphysical concept of cosmic chi. That is, all the natures forces emanating from the cosmos; the energies coming down from the planets, from the sun and the moon are interrelated. These energies of cosmic chi are similar to the way the earth is pulled by the sun; the way the tides are affected by the moon and the way the stars and even the most distant heavenly bodies project energies which affect our earth. Cosmic chi has a major influence upon our weather, such as hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones as well as upon the seasons and the solar energies affecting the earth. What is also highly significant is that this ‘chi’ or energy flow, also affects living organisms such as plants, animals and in particular the human organism. For example, consider how animals appear to be in tune with the subtle changes of the environment and similarly, how the weather can affect human moods and feelings. It is significant how birds and animals sometimes migrate thousands of miles across the world through their internal sensory mechanisms. Similarly, when we humans were hunter-gatherers, we too found our way without the aid of compasses and maps. For example, many native peoples, notably the Australian Aborigine appear to tune into the subtle, intangible energetic influences and seem to have a strong sense of where they are within the vast expanse of the Australian bush. This goes beyond the physical. As planetary influences are obviously so much a part of the cosmic influence, the Chinese (as well as other cultures such as the Mayans) have made a study of plotting and predicting the movement of heavenly bodies or planets and stars for many thousands of years. Chi is one of the most important components of Feng Shui. It is the vital force that breathes life into animals and plants; it drives water and inflates the earth to form mountains. Chi is the essence of life; it animates everything and is the driving force of all existence. Through the study of Feng Shui principles it is possible to determine the best chi flow so that you will enjoy the most healthy, productive, prosperous and happy life possible from your given environment.

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