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The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
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  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 13 May

    INSPIRATION - An interview with Master Raymond Lo

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    One of the people in my life that has been a tremendous inspiration to me over the course of the last 12 years is my ‘sifu’ Master Raymond Lo. Whilst he has been my teacher of Feng Shui and other Chinese metaphysics subjects since 1996, he has been an inspiration to me on so many other levels.

    A genuineFeng Shui master from Hong Kong – Master Raymond Lo kindly answered some of the questions posed by western Feng Shui enthusiasts.

    QWhat inspired you to become involved in Feng Shui?

    A Master Lo:I have always been curious about mystical things such as astrology, UFO’s, Ghost stories etc… and I have always had the urge to find out the truth behind all these mysteries.

    At a very young age, I studied western astrology and it was only when I graduated from university that I came in contact with Feng Shui. Around 1985 I remember moving into an apartment and heard people claiming that it did not have good Feng Shui. This was mainly due to a tall chimney directly in front of the building. For the few months I stayed in this apartment I experienced some misfortunes and so I decided to learn more about the subject of Feng Shui and therein began my long journey.

    I was rather sceptical at first and it wasn’t until after a few years of studying and meeting various teachers that I was convinced that Feng Shui really did have a strong influence on people’s lives.

    QWhat aspect of Feng Shui do you find most inspiring and intriguing?

    A Master Lo:Feng Shui is about different kinds of energies that exist in our environment and have a strong influence on peoples health, harmony, prosperity and career. These energies are not static, and are forever changing with time.

    The most interesting system of Feng Shui is the ""Flying star School"" which explains how such energies or ‘stars’ are changing over time. It is the study of how energies affect our fortunes at different times and different space locations.

    The most useful aspect is that such changes are predictable so we can forecast the coming of bad energies and minimise their influence. With this knowledge, we can protect ourselves from running into accidents, ill health, bad relationships, and even the loss of money.

    The other very useful tools in Chinese metaphysics are the Four Pillars of Destiny and the I Ching Divination. The Four Pillars of Destiny enables us to understand human behaviour and luck through a persons birthday. Whereas the I Ching Divination is used to cast light and provide answers upon our doubts and uncertainties about the future. All these are very useful tools which help people make better choices, better decisions and all in all improve their quality of life.

    QIn Australia, you have taught Feng Shui and the Pillars of Destiny in both Melbourne and Perth. Why have you chosen to spend so much of your time teaching this subject internationally?

    A Master Lo:I am fully convinced Feng Shui is a treasure of the human race and that it can benefit all kinds of people in all walks of life.

    Throughout history, Feng Shui has been a highly respected knowledge and was commonly used by Emperors and noblemen during the past 4000 years of Chinese history. With today’s advancement in communication and information technology, there is no reason that this knowledge cannot be spread all over the world to benefit the human race as a whole. Feng Shui will bring health, prosperity and harmony to the life of individuals therefore the spreading of this knowledge will surely bring more harmony, peace and prosperity to the entire world. This is the reason why I travel to many places to pass on this knowledge to people of all nationalities.

    QIn relation to the practice of Feng Shui, how do you see the next generation of practitioners, students and followers embracing it?

    A Master Lo.)The current ‘Age of 8’ is represented by an I Ching trigram that symbolises ""Young Man"" and, the ‘hand’. As such, more and more young people will take up leadership in politics and business, especially in the high-tech sector. Young people are generally more open minded and they more readily embrace new ideas. As such, the age group for people studying and embracing the ancient art of Feng Shui is also getting younger.

    The ‘Hand’, as symbolised by the current ‘Age of 8’ represents sophisticated instruments and tools. This will be the tendency in all industries.

    With respect to Feng Shui, the new generation of practitioners and students will also benefit from more convenient and handy tools to achieve precision in measurement and analysis. For example; today we use sonic measurers for determining the distance instead of the ruler. There will be more such tools and gadgets in the immediate future.

    Also, the ‘Age of 8’ is an earth trigram. As such, it will draw our focus more to mother earth and environmental protection. Feng Shui is precisely the knowledge that promotes harmony with nature - the environment.

    QIn Hong Kong, what level of training would be acceptable before a budding practitioner can consult in a responsible way?

    A Master Lo:Unfortunately there is still no formal authority to give accreditation for Feng Shui practitioners. Hong Kong is in the same situation as other countries in that Feng Shui masters offer classes and tuitions and then issue certificates to their students. But, the validity of the certificate very much depends on the reputation of the master who issues it.

    It is a pity Feng Shui is still not yet accepted into the formal education system and still, not a single university offers a recognised Feng Shui degree. I think there is a very long way to go before we get proper accreditation of Feng Shui practitioners by a government or academic body.

    QTraditionally, Feng Shui has been a male domain. Yet, in Australia the Feng Shui industry is dominated by women. Why do you think this is so?

    A Master Lo:According to Chinese legend, it is in fact a woman called the “Goddess of the Ninth Heaven” who taught the Yellow Emperor to make a compass needle. Hence, at the very beginning, a woman was involved in inventing Feng Shui. However, in the feudal society, women were not encouraged to become educated and that is why all professions were dominated by men.

    In modern society, women are highly educated and there is no reason why females cannot learn and practise the art of Feng Shui. In my opinion, women have certain qualities that make them stronger than men in this discipline. For example, women in general are more caring and more interested in studying human behaviour. This quality alone is important as a Feng Shui master when playing the role of ""Life consultant"" to help people solve problems and support decision making.

    Also, women find Feng Shui a suitable career with its flexible hours. In this way they can still take care of their children and other family responsibilities. There are also many other advantages such as low capital costs in starting the business, and the satisfaction one feels in caring for and helping other people.

    QIf you could offer a single wisdom of holistic advice to those who practice Feng Shui, or learn and follow it, what would it be?

    A Master Lo.)I can tell from my heart that Feng Shui is a true and very valuable knowledge which benefits the human race.

    Through practicing Feng Shui we can achieve more harmony, health, and wealth in life and this is what I think the world needs most. Feng Shui is about caring for our environment and caring for the people in the environment. I would encourage all students and practitioners to have deep faith in the validity of Feng Shui, to honestly pursue the ‘true knowledge’ with the attitude of caring for the environment and caring for other people.

    QWhen will you be back in Australia?

    A Master Lo.)I will be back during the week of the 14 - 20 June 2008.

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