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01 Sep


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QI have just read the latest Everywoman and notice that you say to obtain a Dragon Tortoise if your house faces west. Can you please tell me what this is and where to get one? Also I am born in the year of the Pig (1971) and wear a dragon pendant, is this good? S Forrest

AA Dragon Tortoise is an animal that has the head of a dragon and the body of a tortoise. You can purchase a dragon tortoise made from metal through the following website:

With respect to the second part of your query: in general, to wear a dragon pendant is considered auspicious as the dragon symbolises protection, courage and good fortune. However, more specifically for you (and anyone born in the year of the pig), when the year or month of the snake comes

along, it is advantageous to wear a pendant of the monkey in order to avoid any clash. The next year of the snake arrives in 2013 and each May is the month of the snake.

QWhere in the home do you place your moner coin? A HIPPER

AThe money coin is usually placed at the front entrance of the home. However the alternatives would be at any entrance to the home or in the living area.

QI have just recently opened a new business. Are there any feng shui aspects I could do to perhaps make it profitable and successful?? Ann Nie Chong

ACongratulations on your new business and I wish you every success.

With any business the main objective is to create financial success. Therefore it is important to locate the direction of your incoming prosperity. Once you know the prosperous direction then you position the ‘till’ area in this location so that when you face the client you are looking at this auspicious direction welcoming your money and the customer is turning their back on their money. To further stimulate this energy it is important to place a constantly moving object such as a water feature at this point.

Finding this direction can be done by plotting an energy chart of the building which is determined by the year the building was erected and the exact degree of orientation. A book that you may wish to read is Feng Shui Destiny for Manager by Master Raymond Lo.

QThere are 5 doorways in our master bedroom, and one wall is mostly window. How do I know where is the best position for the bed? G Fleming

AOne of the fundamental placement principles of Feng Shui in the bedroom is to place the head of the bed so that it is against a solid wall. The reason for this is that the bedroom is considered to be a room for regeneration of the mind, body and soul. Hence to have too much movement around you is not considered favourable. If you do not have this option of placing your bed head against a wall then you will need to create it in some way. So, consider the functionality of the doors and if it is possible to block one off so that you have access to a solid wall. If this is not available to you then an alternative is to use the wall of window, however if you place your bed against the window you need to ensure that you have very heavy curtains and a solid bed head. This will help to minimise the movement of energy around the window and therefore give you a more restful sleep.

QCan we improve the Feng Shui in an established house? J JONES

AAbsolutely!! There are many thousands of people who have been able to effect positive change in their lives by implementing various Feng Shui strategies. However, the degree of positive change that can be achieved will be determined by:

  1. The degree of challenges that your home provides.
  2. By what you are able and willing to change.
QAre money trees (jade plants) good luck and do they attract prosperity? We recently removed one from our front garden and put it in a pot - should we bring the pot back to our front door or will it work just as well in the back garden? C Sutherland

AJade plants or money trees as they are also known are generally considered to be auspicious in attracting prosperity. The placement of the plant is dependant on a number of factors; however, we prefer prosperity to come through the front door so I would be inclined to put it in the front garden.

QWe want to paint our house a white colour (with a hint of sage green) with the bargeboards in a sage green colour - is this OK for happiness and prosperity? Alternatively what are the best colours? C Sutherland

AAuspicious colours are determined by the energies required to balance your home. However, green is associated with the element of wood and one of the features of this element is that it promotes growth. It is also a fresh yet peaceful colour so I don’t see why it would bring you misfortune to use this as an accent colour for your home.

QSimilar to other questions in that I live in a one bedroom unit with aligned front and back doors, but it is also aligned with the opposite units front door, and because I have a cat I usually have to have one door open to hear her wanting to come in (she is 16) but I try not to open the two at once. Although I have a crystal mobile hanging between the two doors I still feel energy going through. I have a Ba Gua mirror on the wall at the front of the unit but couldn't put it above my door due to the way the unit is made so it is on the right side to the door, should I take it down and tie it to the security flyscreen and is there anything else I could do to besides the crystal mobile to slow down the energy flow? L Belbin

AFirstly – do not place the Ba Gua on a moving door – so it is best left where it is. Secondly – energy moving in a straight line has the potential to travel too fast hence you’re right in trying to slow it down. I would suggest that if you have some space in the hallway/room position an object/s (such as a console table or urn) along the critical area so that it is no longer moving in a straight line.

QUrgent question pleeeease! How do you get rid of bad vibes/feeling/atmosphere in an office where an ex-employee (bad person) used to be? He is no longer working for us but I would like to know how to get rid of all his vibes. The office is in a tall building, has large windows (can’t be opened) and blinds (I can send a photo if necessary). It is in the back of the office. The office has recently been recarpeted and painted and newly furnished when he began working there. Thanks in advance. H Adamson

AWithout knowing the full details my best suggestion is to cleanse the complete office area or more particularly the area your ex employee inhabited. This can be done professionally or if you prefer you can do it yourself in the following manner. Throughout the week regularly light Sandalwood oil or quality incense during office hours and then, once a week or month you can smoke the area with ‘white sage’. Both of these have the effect of cleansing space – particularly the white sage.

QWhen our front door is open you can see straight into the family room, there is a door that we keep half closed so no one can see right through. We also overlook a park. Do you lose any energy out the front? Is there anything we need to do that may reverse this? J Ure

AYou’re doing the right thing! Continue to keep the door leading into the family room partially closed as this is your best option. Overlooking the park is considered auspicious as you have lots of open space in front of your home.

QWhat do I need to put at the front of the house to bring love, luck and charity? M Dilello

AFor love the most profound option is to ensure that your bedroom is well placed within the home. So, if you’re experiencing issues in this area of your life try sleeping in another bedroom and see what changes take place. If you’re experiencing difficulties with money you can try using an alternative entrance and for charity I would place a figurine of Quan Yin in the entrance or living area of your home.

QHow do I attract money and success into our home? Robert Hart

AAttracting money and success in all areas of your life is best done by the correct Feng Shui design of the home. However, in established homes the design is already determined and so it is important that the rooms be utilised in accordance with Feng Shui principles. Sometimes couples may even change the position of their entire bedroom and in so doing have achieved incredibly positive outcomes in their relationship. Other times when clients have found that their financial position has gone backwards since moving into a home they can change the position of the door or use a secondary entrance to encouraging effect.