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23 Jan


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QLooking out the front door, which side should a tortoise be placed? J. Pusey

AThe Tortoise symbolizes steadfastness, longevity and is associated with the hills behind your home. These in turn signify the support, stability and protection of your environment. Therefore the Tortoise should be placed at the rear of the garden or home for greatest advantage.

QIs there a Feng Shui way to induce harmony into the home? J McDougall

A I often speak of the Master Bedroom as being the room that will bring about harmonious relationships and this is most definitely the case. However, another influence is the position of the front door. If you have the option of using another entrance then why not give it a try and monitor the results. If the outcome is positive then stick with it.

QI have a full length mirror directly opposite my front door. How do I counteract the bad chi that it attracts? M Allpress

AHaving a mirror directly opposite your front door does not automatically mean that it is attracting bad Chi. In fact it could be doing quite the opposite. The action of mirrors has been a long running dispute within Feng Shui circles. However, all we have to do is ‘think’ about it and we can all realize that mirrors ‘draw in’ energy. They are used in interior decorating to bring a distant view or even an aspect of a garden into a home. When you stand in front of a mirror you see yourself inside the mirror – all of a sudden your image is represented on the opposite side of where you are standing. The important aspect of mirror placement is to ensure that the mirror is ‘drawing in’ a positive and prosperous energy, bringing it closer to you. So if the good energy is coming from the West then place the mirror on the East wall – if the positive energy is in the North – then place the mirror on the South wall.

QMy partner and I are currently building a house, at the moment there have been delays after delays. Is there something that I can place in my bedroom that will give me luck? J Y

AIn my practice when constant delays are experienced there is usually something behind it other than tradesman not doing their job. I find that the energy of the land is often very dense and needs to be cleansed and lifted. This is a very specialized area and there are only two people in this state that I use. However, if you prefer to do this for yourself then, take some quiet time and with ‘right intention and focus’ inject a lighter positive energy throughout your plot. This may at least buy you some time to get the job completed.