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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 01 Sep


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    The Chinese calendar is a unique system that provides us with information about the elemental influences prevailing at any given point in time. It makes use of the 5 elements and their cycles to determine the various aspects affecting the whole world.

    In Chinese astrology, the dragon is the fifth animal to hear the call of Buddha. More importantly, 2000 is the year of the Metal Dragon thereby being influenced by 2 elements – metal and earth. The year 2000 represents the image of the Earth Dragon sitting below the yang Metal. In accordance with the

    productive cycle of the 5 elements – Earth gives birth to Metal – therefore they are elements in harmony. Metal is also considered to be the alchemist of the five elements and has the ability to transform. As a consequence, during the year of the Metal Dragon we will encounter a more harmonious period worldwide than we have experienced these past 2 years.

    The configuration of an active Dragon implies that the earth is unstable and that movement in the landscape could occur. Consequently we can anticipate some earthquakes during 2000. Even though the Dragon is of the earth element, it also contains other hidden elements and is often called the ‘grave of water’. Therefore, there is also the danger of drought during the coming year.

    Because yang Metal is sitting above the earth element we could experience more damage to our forests, as a result of the strong metal element. In the destructive cycle Metal destroys wood.

    Traditional Chinese medicine is also based on the principles of the 5 elements and their cycles. With Earth producing metal, the latter element may become excessive thereby signifying potential problems with the lungs, the breathing organs.

    People, property development and the physical earth, real estate, mining, chemicals, medicine, cosmetics, the meat and food industries as well as the healing professions are represented by the Earth element. Throughout 2000 these industries will be stimulated and could see significant growth. In the long term it is anticipated that property prices will improve in the year 2000 with an upward trend towards 2002. The positive aspect is that this year could be a good time to buy.

    The industries that will most likely come under pressure during the year of the Metal Dragon are banking, computer hardware and motor vehicles to name just a few.

    With respect to Feng Shui, you will find that a troublesome influence (and the worst in Feng Shui terms) will come from the North and needs to be dealt with by placing a metal wind chime in this area of your home. The West will require a string of 6 metal coins to be placed in this area particularly if this is the location of your bedroom. Last but not least the energy of conflict is located in the Northeast and it could be wise to place a red coloured object in this section of your home.

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