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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
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  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 30 Mar


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    Is your relationship with your partner in trouble or, just generally not quite ‘working out’? Interestingly, it could simply be the location of your bedroom and the way your furniture is arranged.

    Relationships are integral to the quality of our life and maintaining harmonious associations can be quite a challenge. However, the ancient art and science of Feng Shui can support and even enhance the quality of our more important relationships. In this special report Juliana Abram from the ‘Feng Shui Centre’ shares her insight into some favourable conditions for better relationships.

    For approximately 6000 years, the Chinese have been dealing with the principles of furniture placement and the associated flow of energy, known as ‘chi’, to promote health, enhance prosperity and improve relationships. Now…. you can also benefit. Even though Feng Shui is a complex and sophisticated study of environmental influences, with some common sense and practical application you can reorganise

    your home into a haven, with what could turn out to be a few simple changes.

    When studying Feng Shui principles we learn to divide our home space into either passive or active areas equating harmony with the passive or prosperity with the active areas. Harmony encompasses more than our relationships – it includes our health, stability and consistency in life amongst other things. Therefore, in Feng Shui ‘harmony’ is considered to be the most important area of focus in the home as without your health and good relationships there is little joy left in life.

    The sector that impacts most on human harmony is the bedroom – more importantly the master bedroom and all too often the bedroom seems to be arranged with the least amount of Feng Shui consciousness.

    The master bedroom is a private place where you regenerate and share intimate moments with your partner – it is the most personal and special part of you. For this reason it is imperative that the bedroom is well placed in relationship to other rooms in the home and appropriately decorated. Make it your sanctuary, a room that you can instantly relax into - a room that fills you with a sense of peace, calm and sensuality. The bedroom is a place for rest and making love so go easy on the gym equipment, office furniture and entertainment systems. If you treat this room with care and respect then it stands to reason that it will impact favourably on the relationship with yourself, which in turn supports your relationships with others.

    To bring greater possibility for wonderful romance into your life or relationship focus on your bedroom and try some of the following five suggestions as a great starting point:

    • Endeavour to place the head of your bed against a solid wall as this promotes a stable foundation. The alternative being that a lack of stability and general unrest prevails. If this position is not possible in your bedroom and the only wall for your bed head to rest against has a window, then obtain a large solid bed head along with some heavy curtains and place them behind your bed. This will most definitely improve the situation. Just bear in mind that a wrought iron or brass bed head will not suffice.
    • Do not place your bed under an exposed beam – it will only add more pressure especially when the beam is running parallel above the bed creating the sense of being separated from your partner. The ideal solution is to conceal any exposed beams with a false ceiling. For those of you who have financial concerns or are living in rented accommodation a cheaper alternative is to paint any exposed beams the same colour as your ceiling - or – you could get creative and mask the beams with a delightfully sensual flowing fabric.
    • Never sleep with the foot of the bed opposite a large window or doorway. This disturbs your health and consequently your love life. In this position the rush of energy directly towards you at night is anything but relaxing. If this position is your only option then keep the door closed whilst sleeping. Ideally, the bed should be diagonally opposite the door to your room so that you can see the door but not be in the direct path of the flow of energy. To not be able to see the door equates to being vulnerable and given that the aim is to keep our nervous system calm then it is good practice to always seek the most ideal placement.
    • Remove those mirrors, or at the very least cover them with dense fabric so that you do not see your image. This is especially so if the mirror is reflecting any portion of the bed whilst you are sleeping. Generally, mirrors in the bedroom are taboo and it is believed that they boost and amplify energy creating a sense of alertness. Also, it is said that mirrors can draw in your spirit doubling the possibility of creating restlessness, sapping the energy normally used for repairing the body when you sleep, and in this way limiting the healing process usually generated by a good nights rest. We all have difficulty maintaining a happy demeanour and keeping things in perspective when we’re tired and in my experience couples sleeping in a room with mirrors reflecting the bed are tired and unwell. This is not conducive to harmonious relationships.
    • Change rooms – especially if all else has failed and your relationship challenges seem impossible to solve. This is a great alternative that most people won’t consider because the bedroom may be smaller than what they’re used to, or the other bedroom does not have an ensuite. So, if you’re baulking at this idea ask yourself if the ensuite or size of the room is really more important than improved harmony? On a personal level when I changed from my beautiful large bedroom to a much smaller room (because it was better placed for improved harmony) my relationship problems were solved and I attracted to me a man that I still give thanks for every day.

    The most important concerns in life are good health and loving relationships – without either – your sense of genuine fulfillment is limited. So, if you feel that you would like to improve your relationship – have fun and make some changes however small they may seem. Hopefully these pointers will help some of you to negotiate through a few rough patches during 2002 or at the very least give your relationship a new lease of life.

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