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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 23 Jan


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    More and more people in the West are becoming interested in Feng Shui and how it may help them achieve greater health, wealth and happiness.

    The burgeoning interest of the West in Feng Shui is very exciting and, for a trained, professional Feng Shui consultant, very encouraging. But an incomplete or partial knowledge of Feng Shui has its dangers. Feng Shui wrongly applied can raise expectations that may not be fulfilled: worse it can do considerable harm.

    What’s more, for some people Feng Shui has now been reduced to a simplistic, twelve-step process, similar to painting by numbers or baking a cake. The sole attraction of the process being that it is easy to translate and interpret. These processes, although asserting Chinese or Tibetan origin, are both dangerous and misleading, even though they claim to be “New Age”.

    This pseudo Feng Shui is really about pushing expensive consultancies and selling artefacts which are supposed to bring ‘good luck’ but which in fact divert peoples interest away from authentic Feng Shui. Although some artefacts have positive culturally symbolic significance, real Feng Shui is not so simple. Nothing that has survived the test of so many centuries and has so much scientific and empirical data to support it can be reduced to a simplistic formula. Like anything worthwhile and life enhancing, Feng Shui requires attention and thought.

    And needless to say one or two books cannot embrace all there is to know about Feng Shui – the subject is too vast. Only a Feng Shui practitioner - one who has trained with an authentic Feng Shui master and had years of experience - can be absolutely sure of making changes that will truly benefit people in their personal and business lives.

    What this column will endeavour to do, is give you, the reader,

    • an insight into the exciting possibilities for positive change that the correct application of Feng Shui can bring about
    • provide a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of Feng Shui and how they may be applied
    • enable you to make many easy and simple changes in your home, office and garden which will be both safe and beneficial to your health, wealth and happiness
    • give you sufficient knowledge of Feng Shui to ask appropriate and searching questions of any Feng Shui consultant you may wish to engage for further work.
    • Our homes, offices and gardens are a reflection of our real selves -

    our real personalities. They are also, in the Feng Shui tradition, templates of our luck and destiny. By understanding the forces that impact on our homes and workplaces, we can alter their influence and direction… become more in balance with them and, so, alter our luck and destiny.

    The medium to understanding and redirecting those forces is authentic Feng Shui, which can bring us harmony, give us greater prosperity and restore our balance and good fortune.

    By understanding and using it we can change our lives.

    It’s a real challenge… and a lot of fun.

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