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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 23 Jan


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    Are you having problems at home and generally, your relationships are in trouble? Believe it or not, it could simply be to do with the location of your bedroom and the way your furniture is arranged.

    Relationships are integral to the quality of our life and the ancient art and science of Feng Shui can support and enhance the quality of our more important relationships. One of the areas to focus on is the bedroom – particularly, the master bedroom.

    For approximately 6000 years, the Chinese have been dealing with the principles of furniture placement and the associated flow of energy, known as ‘chi’, to promote health, enhance prosperity and improve relationships. And now, you can also benefit. Even though Feng Shui is a complex and sophisticated study of environmental influences, with some common sense and practical application you can reorganise your home into a haven, with what could turn out to be a few simple changes.

    The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home when it comes to enhancing relationships. In Feng Shui the bedroom impacts on human harmony, which relates to your personal power, career, health and relationships. Feng Shui guidelines take into account compass directions, colours, and natural elements such as water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

    The bedroom should be a retreat from the world. It is a private place where you regenerate, and relates to the most private part of you – where you share intimate moments with your partner. For this reason it is vital that the bedroom is well placed and appropriately decorated. If you treat this room with care and respect then it stands to reason that it will have an impact on the relationship with yourself, which in turn supports your relationships with others. All too often the bedroom seems to be arranged with the least amount of Feng Shui consciousness.

    Because we all seem to be leading such busy lives our bedrooms appear to be very up-tempo as well. We should really be trying to achieve a room that we can instantaneously relax into - a room that fills us with a sense of peacefulness, calm and sensuality. It is a place for rest and making love so go easy on the gym equipment, office furniture and entertainment systems.

    The bedroom not only plays a role in attracting and maintaining good relationships but also supports your health. There are many reasons for ill health – long-term stress, incorrect diet, lack of exercise to name a few. By reassessing those areas of your life, in conjunction with implementing ideal Feng Shui principles then good health can be achieved. Should your bedroom be located in the Northeast sector of your home then it is wise to hang a set of six metal coins in this room for the year 2001 to help you maintain your health. A high level of well-being is important in determining the quality of your relationships with the people in your life. If you’re unhealthy you don’t have the energy or motivation to deal with others. You are likely to be less tolerant of your partner, your ability to work is impeded consequently adding financial pressures, you may be more demanding or needy and even worse, your libido is at a low ebb and you certainly don’t feel like being sexually intimate.

    Enhancing human harmony in the home starts with the Master bedroom. Being one of the most important rooms in the home when it comes to harmony between people – it requires a good deal of attention. To bring greater possibility for romance into your life or relationship focus on your bedroom and try some of the following 10 suggestions as a great starting point:

    • Make sure the head of your bed is placed against a solid wall. This promotes a stable foundation. The alternative being that a lack of stability and general unrest prevails. Should this not be possible and the only wall in your room for your bed head to rest against has a window, then obtain a large solid bed head along with some heavy curtains and place them behind your bed. This will most certainly improve the situation. Just bear in mind that a wrought iron or brass bed head will not suffice.
    • Get rid of those mirrors, or at the very least cover them. This is especially so if the mirror is reflecting any portion of the bed whilst you are sleeping. Generally, mirrors in the bedroom are taboo and it is believed that they boost and amplify energy creating a sense of alertness. Also, it is said that mirrors can draw in your spirit doubling the possibility of creating a great deal of restlessness, sapping the energy normally used for repairing the body when you sleep, and in this way limiting the healing process usually generated by a good nights rest. My experience has been that couples with mirrors reflecting the bed are tired and unwell. This is not conducive to harmonious relationships. We all have difficulty maintaining a happy demeanour and keeping things in perspective when we’re somewhat tired and in most modern homes the Master bedroom has mirrored robes the full length of one wall. Visually this creates a larger space that can be impressive however, it’s not good Feng Shui. If you have this situation a simple step could be that during your sleep time you place a screen in between the foot of your bed and the mirrors. Should you have a freestanding Cheval mirror then just simply turn it away from your bed. Another option is to cover the mirrors with fabric. Be mindful however, to use materials that are heavy so that you do not see your image in the mirror.
    • It is best to not place your bed against a wall that has a toilet behind it. This is also true for bathrooms - particularly when the piping runs along the same wall as the bed head. Feng Shui principles suggest that this positioning drains your energy due to the movement of water behind your head. The bedroom, according to Feng Shui principles is considered to be passive in function so its requirements differ from those of a room where this is a lot of movement such as the lounge room or kitchen. Moving water is considered to be active in its function and is most often used to stimulate prosperity not harmonious relationships. Therefore the two, water and the bedroom, are not complementary.
    • Change rooms if you have to – especially if all else has failed and your relationship challenges seem insurmountable. This could well be a very good option that most people won’t consider because the bedroom may be smaller than what they’re used to, or not have an ensuite. Is the ensuite or size of the room really more important than improved harmony? In the case of 2 separate and recent consultations where the couples were prepared to make the ‘big move’, the results have been astounding for each of their particular circumstances. The original ease of being together has returned, spontaneous hugs and kisses flow more readily and, if there’s a disagreement it doesn’t last a month anymore – it’s resolved more quickly. Another big plus – their sex life has improved.
    • Do not place your bed under an exposed beam – it will only add more pressure. This is particularly so when the beam is running parallel above the bed creating the sense of being separated from your partner. When you have exposed beams the ideal solution is to camouflage them with a false ceiling. In the case of rented accommodation or where finances just simply do not allow the privilege then paint the beams the same colour as your ceiling - or - a clever client of mine created a boudoir effect by covering the beams with magnificently sensual flowing fabric. Any of these options are recommended to help reduce the negative impact of the beams.
    • Remove the television – apart from the electrical concerns it has a reflective quality, which in turn has a similar, albeit considerably minor effect, as that of a mirror. If you absolutely must have one in the bedroom then place it in an armoire so that you can close the doors on it each night before you sleep.
    • Ensure that the external electrical box is not located on the same wall as the bed head. You would be surprised how often this occurs. The electromagnetic influences are a major concern and energetically the influence is much too strong.
    • On a symbolic level, to have a statue, photograph or painting of a couple in a romantic, sensual or erotic embrace is supportive. The style is personal and subjective. Whatever your choice it should reflect, to you, love and unity between a couple. Please, don’t hang pictures of little boys and girls – this is a room for grown ups only. And, make sure you ditch the water scenes from this room. They may be considered auspicious in other areas of the home such as the family room but not preferable for the bedroom. When using symbolic Feng Shui then avoid hanging art depicting an aloof man alone in a field or a woman staring longingly from the edge of a cliff. These images could send subliminal messages reinforcing a single life suggesting that it is your destiny to be alone and thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Use your artwork to encourage intimacy and romance.
    • Never sleep with the foot of the bed opposite a large window or doorway. This is the coffin position and can disturb your health and subsequently your love life. In this position the rush of energy directly towards you at night is anything but relaxing. If this is your only option then keep the door closed whilst sleeping. Ideally however, the bed should be diagonally opposite the door. The idea is to be able to see the door but not be in the direct path of the energy flow. To not be able to see the door equates to being vulnerable and given that the aim is to keep our nervous system calm then it is always best to seek the most ideal placement.
    • Lastly, decorate your bedroom with warm, soft and relaxing colours. Candles and soft lighting can also help to achieve a soothing atmosphere. This is a room of rest. So, the less we are distracted by strong shapes, bright colours and sharp lighting the better. Another and more sophisticated method of determining the specific and personal colours for your bedroom is by a system closely related to Feng Shui (often termed ‘Personal Feng Shui’ and is also used in compatibility studies between partners) called the Four Pillars of Destiny. Under the Chinese belief system, everything in this world is related to, or is a combination of, one of the five elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. This includes us. Therefore, when assessing the compatibility of a couple and their favourable colours, one must determine the elements required by the individuals. For example, if you are an earth person and require the element of fire, it would be considered wise to choose a partner that has an abundance of that element and to select a decorating theme dominant in burgundy, pinks or mauves.

    Good health and loving relationships are the most important concerns of everyone’s life – without either – the sense of genuine fulfillment is limited. So, if you feel that you can enhance these areas of your life by implementing some changes, then, create a very simple ritual by giving your room a good spring clean before hand. This will have the effect of giving you more pride in your most personal environment thereby lifting your spirits. Energetically, it also enhances a more positive focus in those specific areas of your life. Be ruthless - throw away anything that reminds you of bad times, unhealthy unions or singleness and may you enjoy lots of love, good health and happiness.

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