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Face Reading

Aug 11 2014
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Learn the relevance of face reading in modern day life.

  • Relevance of face reading in modern day life

  • The twelve palaces of the face

  • Meanings of the different parts of the face:
    - Ear - Forehead - Eyebrows - Eyes - Nose - Lips

  • Relationship between parts of the face and a persons age

  • Using face reading for better understanding of the fortunes of an individual

  • How to use face reading to determine the favourable elements of an individual

  • How to use face reading to enhance your Feng Shui consultation

  • Examples of various faces and their meanings

Additional Info

  • Days: 1 Day
  • Type: Workshop
  • Presentor: Grand Master Juliana Abram
  • Description:

    The information gained from applying the ancient art of Face Reading can be used to your benefit in a variety of ways….medically, psychologically, privately and even in business.

    Each human face is unique and provides you with signals and information. Consciously or subconsciously, we look for signs on a person’s face and endeavour to interpret these facial expressions including the more subtle signals given by the face. So why not do so more consciously through an understanding of the ancient science of Face Reading.

    Your face reflects your personality. The best way to learn face reading is to first determine how to recognize the different facial features and then how they correspond to various personality traits.

    For thousands of years people have studied the relationship between facial features and personality traits and…statistical results show that there is a strong connection between the two.

    An amazingly transformative experience that helps you understand yours and others character. Through proper analysis of facial features, you can see personality traits, evaluate health problems and even reveal past issues and patterns.

    During this programme you will learn how to apply Face Reading principles in your day to day activities so that you can improve the quality of your communication and thereby your relationships.

    Come and join us…