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Feng Shui - Part 1

Apr 10 2015
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Feng Shui 3 Day Workshop

Day One

  • Chinese Cosmology

  • Feng Shui – the meaning, history and traditions

  • Physical environment and directional forces

  • Background to Feng Shui theories

  • Yin and Yang and the Five elements

  • The Eight Trigrams

  • The Lo Shu and Ho To diagram

  • The concept of space

  • Time cycles – 3 periods and 9 ages

  • Flying Star School of Feng Shui

  • Introduction and usage of the Lo Pan

  • How to draw Flying Star charts

  • How to interpret Flying Star charts

  • Basic steps in performing a Feng Shui analysis for yang house Feng Shui

  • Examples

  • Feng Shui influences from the physical environment

  • Choosing auspicious floors – Ho To 5 rat method

  • Great Sun Formula

  • Feng Shui at Home: Placement of special objects – bed, desk, stove, mirror,altar, fish tanks, plants, TV, clocks, the Buddha/Shrine

  • Feng Shui in the Office: Placement of special objects – reception counter, desks, cash counter, conference table, fax, telephone

  • Dissolving bad Feng Shui

  • Adjusting to continuous Feng Shui changes over time

  • Feng Shui and people

  • Practical Modern Day Examples

Additional Info

  • Days: 3 Days
  • Type: Workshop
  • Presentor: Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • Download attachments:
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