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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • Lately I’ve come across many people that are somewhat confused and concerned as to what the true applications of Feng Shui really are - and it’s reasonable for them to be so. In the Western world we have been pumped with so much information (last year alone 120 new books were written on the subject) with the authors varying greatly in their degree of expertise and understanding of the topic. Consequently this prompted me to give you an overview on the differing styles of Feng Shui in the hope that I can help in clearing some of this confusion.

    All too often man imposes himself on the environment without much thought given to environmental harmony. With Feng Shui, people can adjust their surroundings to best suit the environment and in doing so achieving a more balanced and harmonious state.

    The Chinese believe that there are 3 main types of Chi and they are:-

    Heaven, Earth andHuman.

    It is always difficult to know which comes first – the chicken or the egg or, in this case, - Chi or Yin and Yang.

    Did the fist cosmic Chi produce the opposites called Yin and Yang? Or was there originally absolutely nothing (Wu Chi), from which emerged the opposites, Yin and Yang which, through the energy of their interaction – their constant attrition and abrasion – their polarity - their mutual attraction and rejection – gave rise to the great universal energy, Chi?

    According to Feng Shui principles the careful placement of doors and windows is vital.
    These points are where ‘chi’ or life force enters and leaves the home - they are called the ‘mouths of chi’. The one that holds the greatest significance is the front door.

    Just like your own mouth that takes in food energy to strengthen and maintain your body, your front door brings in energy from outside the home to support you from an environmental perspective. And, just like the quality of your food determines how well your body operates, so too, the quality of the energy entering your front door determines how smoothly your life runs.

    The skyscrapers, high tech efficiency and modern, cosmopolitan image of the island state of Singapore belies a more traditional spirit. Beneath its urban veneer some very traditional foundations are at play. The reality is that many of the city’s most recognizable structures are influenced by the principles of traditional Feng Shui. This age-old Chinese art of harnessing and distributing the natural powers within the environment to our best advantage is very much alive. Talk still prevails about the five prosperous dragons of Singapore, located in different parts of the island, having contributed to the city’s continued affluence.

    Most of us have a sense of place.

    Almost everyone has at some time, entered a garden, building or room and felt something tangible yet inexplicable: a feeling of joy, happiness, peace, sadness, maybe even of malevolence. Whatever it was, we knew it was definitely associated with the place we were in.

    The Chinese penchant for looking at objects and interpreting their hidden meaning is revealed by the prolific useof symbols within their culture and these symbols are like a secondary language, rich in nuances and that penetrates all their communication. In Chinese, each written character represents an entire word which is in deep contrast to our alphabetical text where a sequence of individual letters signifies a word. This means that more or less every word in the Chinese language is represented by a different symbol so it is not unrealistic to consider that whenever pen is put to paper or in carvings it usually has some mysterious or obscure meaning.

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