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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Days:   3 Days
  • Type:   Workshop
  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • In November of 2008, I was privileged to be invited as a panelist to the 5th International Feng Shui Convention held at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre. The

    Guests included well known Feng Shui author Lillian Too, (from Malaysia) who gave a keynote address. Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai presented on the topic ‘Ethics of a Feng Shui practitioner’. There were also presentations from Master Tan Khoon Yong and Master Raymond Lo the

    The fifteenth day of the 10th lunar month is a day that is commonly known as the ‘Xia Yuan festival’.

    This is the birthday of the celestial emperor also known as the Official of Water or the God of Water. According to Taoist cosmology the three primary elements of the universe are Heaven, Earth and Water. There are three celestial officials/emperors governing these realms and they are;

    02 Nov


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    The traditional Chongyang Festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. This is why it is also known as the Double Ninth Festival. This date, in the Gregorian calendar is represented in October.

    This festival is based on the theory of Yin and Yang, the two opposing principles in nature. Yin is feminine, negative principle, while Yang is masculine and positive in its essence. The ancients believed that all natural phenomena could be explained by this theory and so numbers are

    02 Nov


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    Spring is here. It is the time for growth, expansion and pure delight. Globally we are at a time when everyone seems to be cutting costs yet in the reality of life there is still the need for giving our spirits as well as our wardrobes the lift that silver provides. It is a stylish option that does not break the bank. Unlike costume jewellery, sterling silver lasts and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

    PART 1

    Spring has sprung and with it comes a renewed interest in the condition and appearance of our garden. It is the perfect day to concentrate on our garden - an area which is integral to creating ‘sense of place’.

    Over the years I have found a great deal of interest in how Feng Shui can be applied to the garden, symbolically as well as with various plants. Hence, I thought some of you would be interested in how to work with the garden using Feng Shui.

    14 Aug


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    Fathers Day – It’s Almost Here!

    We all know the value of Dad!!
    So lets enjoy those precious moments in this special day.

    Australia is one of the few countries in the world that has an official day on which Fathers are honored by their children. On this day, those that love him are encouraged to fuss over him, spoil and pamper him.

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