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  • 04 Apr

    Feng Shui for Health - The Power of Laughter

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    In the modern world, stress affects countless people. Even though we have more tools to support and assist us with this affliction than ever before, it is still a growing concern for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

    Laughter therapy is touted as one of the most potent tools to combat stress, depression and anxiety. It really is the best medicine. To prove this, there are many Laughter Clubs worldwide.

    Of course there are many ways we can enjoy ourselves without laughing. However, most people love a good laugh. It is really great when something or someone makes you smile or laugh - especially the kind of laugh that seems to come from deep within.

    Laughter is a positive energy that can easily bring people together. In fact surveys have revealed that a ‘sense of humour’ is one of the main criteria when searching for a relationship.

    Laughter can have positive effects in many areas of your life. When we laugh, the endorphins, our body’s natural ‘feel good’ drug, increases in much the same way as they do with exercise. The right hemisphere of our brain, the area responsible for imagination, happiness and spontaneity, to name a few, gets energised. In addition we stir up our hormones, boost our immune system and therefore diminish the negative effects of stress.

    Some of the benefits of laughter are;

    • Enhancement of the immune system, which helps fight colds and other infections.
    • Improves the supply of oxygen to the blood stream
    • Helps maintain emotional balance and therefore improve mental performance.
    • Increases the metabolic rate and can therefore assist with weight loss.

    So, laugh more!! You can join a laughter club, regularly go to a good comedy or take 5 minute in your day to read something that tickles your fancy. Laugh more; live better and maybe even longer.

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