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The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • 28 Mar

    Chinese Astrology - Horoscopes for 2010

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    Whilst Chinese Animal astrology, based only on the year of birth is not complete it can give you some idea of what’s in store. For a fuller, intricate and reliable assessment of the year ahead it is advisable to use the Four Pillars of Destiny system which requires your full birth data of hour, day, month and year.


    This year, the rat requires more stamina and determination to overcome obstacles and to not allow any disharmony in your relationships to impact your career. It is important to stabilise the emotions and guard against those suggesting you can make a quick investment dollar. Instead, look to adopting long-term investment strategies. During 2010 the rat will experience a sense of restlessness and perhaps even frustration. To minimise this influence in any negative way, it would be ideal to schedule some travel throughout the year. If this isn’t a viable proposition then increase your exercise regimen or reduce stress through adding meditation to your routine.


    It is worthwhile to seize opportunities that come your way and act fast during 2010. Place a strong focus on ensuring good health and the year of the metal tiger will be a free flowing period bringing with it a number of achievements for Ox people. Marriage with a good partner could be in the air for singles this year but beware of over spending as this will bring discord within an otherwise harmonious relationship. Strong financial gains are possible during 2010 so do not squander this opportunity and ensure that your spending doesn’t run out of control.


    A year of difficulties and obstacles are ahead of you particularly in your career so, shun your cravings for greater achievements. Instead, look towards aligning yourself with the ‘right’ people to help minimise the negative influences of 2010 and being mindful of the choices you make. Gambling of any description is to be avoided at all costs and steer clear of taking excessive risks or engaging in dangerous endeavours such as extreme sports for physical injuries are a distinct possibility. For the entire period of 2010 it is advisable to carry a charm or wear the pendant of the pig.


    Singles – watch out. There are many romantic opportunities coming your way throughout the year and it will be important to not allow yourself to become too distracted by romance if you want positive outcomes in your career. For couples; be sincere with one another and any difficulties will become more easily resolved. It is important that the rabbit pay more attention to ensuring good health and vitality through eating well and committing to a responsible exercise regimen. Use your opportunities this year to work towards ensuring stability in your life on all fronts; physically, financially and in particular emotionally.


    The coming year is a time to exercise caution, maintain independence and consolidate your strengths. It is a year that provides the perfect occasion for self reflection so that you can lay a solid foundation for the future. You need to be alert to all that goes on around you and take extra care and precautions this year to avoid sickness and the loss of money. There is opportunity for travel during 2010 and this can help to stave off any sense of restlessness that arises over the course of the year.


    An emotional year could be in store for you so ensure that you make an extra effort to giving yourself every opportunity for good health during the coming year. It would also be helpful to carry a charm or wear the pendant of the pig for the duration of 2010. It is important to keep a close watch on your financial affairs so that you may be prepared for the unexpected and in particular, be diligent in protecting your interests and managing any business contracts and legal documents with the utmost of care.


    Immersing yourself in work is not the answer…ensuring that you keep fit and have adequate rest will give you a better chance to boost your chances of success. Being extra careful in your affairs will help you to overcome obstacles and avoid legal issues. Harmony in relationships is on the cards this year but remember, don’t take your family for granted and that they always play an important part in your support structure. Overall and despite some minor issues, positive gains can still be made.


    Great influences are present for you this year and bring with them positive career opportunities with the possibility of promotion and many reasons to celebrate. However, to achieve great success you must be careful with every step you take and for every financial success ensure that you put some money aside for a rainy day. There is the likelihood for lots of travel this year keeping you quite busy but don’t become so engrossed in your career that you forget about your family. As for singles – this could be the year that you meet that special someone.


    People born in the time of the monkey are in clash with the current year of the tiger. Clashing against the ‘Tai Sui’ usually means a year of turbulence and movement – so go with the flow as its highly likely that there are many changes in store for you throughout 2010. It is worthwhile to travel more or to use this year to make long overdue changes or even move house. Avoid unnecessary pressures, be patient, let things take their course and maintain your composure. It is necessary however to carry a charm or better still wear a pendant of the pig in order to minimize this clash. Nonetheless be extra diligent on the roads and when travelling. Your catch cry for 2010 is; stay optimistic, take good care of your health and cherish your family.


    Be diligent and ensure that you do not become an easy target for questionable schemes put forward by dishonest people. Minimise any potential for financial loss by staying clear of involving yourself in highly speculative projects as problems will occur. Exercise great caution when making investment decisions or perhaps even lending money. However, even if you manage to get yourself into some trouble a friend will eventually come to the rescue. In matters of the heart, ‘don’t push’ for specific outcomes - just let nature take its course.


    Overall, 2010 has the potential to be harmonious for you. Yes, there are some obstacles and delays at work to be experienced this year however, you should still be able to achieve positive outcomes and attain success. This is possible, particularly if you keep a positive mental attitude, exercise due diligence, perseverance, determination and discipline. For couples, your marriage could be put to the test however, if you remember to remain loyal and view your relationship as long term, then any complications can be overcome.


    Pig people combine well with the metal tiger and so overall, it is a relatively smooth year. Significant gains are attainable if you are well grounded, decisive and keep your eye on the ball. However, if you become greedy and continuously go for that ‘little bit extra’ there is the potential for losing more than you gain. Singles, this is the year for you. Romance is in the air and there is great potential for a chance encounter to develop into a fruitful relationship. As for couples, if you want to become pregnant then this is the time to get busy.

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