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The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • 28 Mar

    Chinese Astrology - Horoscopes for 2009

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    Whilst Chinese Animal astrology based only on the year of birth is not complete it can give you some idea of what’s in store. For a fuller, intricate and reliable assessment of the year ahead it is advisable to use the Four Pillars of Destiny system which requires your full birth data of hour, day, month and year.


    The Rat experiences a harmonious relationship with the Ox and so this is the influence that will prevail throughout 2009. The sun will also sustain the Rat with light and guidance this year so take opportunities to learn, and embrace the spirit of teamwork. Windfalls elude you this year, however, combined with the presence of the auspicious ‘jade hall’ and providing you are conservative with how you spend your money, a project driven rat will find success more attainable during 2009. It will be valuable to expand your network and embrace this year’s influence of cooperation by becoming involved in partnerships and joint ventures but be shrewd with your choices. Romance is in the air. However, ladies…beware of conflict and deceit in your dealings with the opposite sex.


    Those born in the year of the Ox risk offending the ‘Tai Sui’ during 2009 and this can mean a year of obstacles and mixed results. To help avoid these issues it is recommended to carry or wear a pendant of a Rat for the entire year. Other options would be to travel more and / or make changes within your work environment. You would also do well to maintain your composure, steer clear of confrontations and keep a tight reign on your finances. It is worthwhile to be diligent and disciplined in maintaining good health as it will be a very busy time so take care to make time for play interspersed with adequate rest. If you are pursuing academic interests then be willing to go that extra step to avoid disappointing results this year.


    Cause for celebration is imminent this year and augurs well for the single Tiger with good signs for happiness in marriage and romance. Opportunities are bountiful this year so seize your chances to perform in your workplace and use them to lay a strong foundation for possible future advancement. Ensure that you pursue investment options with an eye for meaningful projects and ensure that you do not stretch your resources too far. Go for lower risks with multiple return options. 2009 could be interspersed with minor health complaints, but overall it will be a smooth, peaceful and harmonious year for the Tiger.


    Courage is what you need this year and be alert to all that goes on around you. Rabbits need to take extra care and precautions this year to avoid physical injury and loss of money. Be diligent and ensure that you do not become an easy target for questionable schemes put forward by your acquaintances. Always protect your own interests and manage any business contracts and legal documents with the utmost of care. Whilst there are many difficulties and obstacles that you will face during the course of 2009 (and you may often feel as if you have been placed in the line of fire), not all is lost as the good star ‘Heavenly Salvation’ helps to minimise misfortune so long as you exercise due care.


    There are good quality stars present during the course of 2009 that help to bring good luck and profitability. However, to make the most of these opportunities you the Dragon will need to show your big personality, (but avoid being too showy), use your self discipline and ensure careful planning. It is also important to be scrupulous, versatile and to not become greedy. In this way, you will find that money will flow your way via different sources. The bar is raised on your sex appeal this year but it is important to approach your relationships with the utmost sincerity and loyalty otherwise tongues will wag; a bad reputation will follow causing arguments and a backwards step in your financial affairs.


    The coming year is a time for the Snake to exercise caution, maintain independence and consolidate your strengths. Your finances are steady this year but keep a low profile and do not become over confident in your affairs as this may lead to obstacles causing injury and even loss of money. The Ox is the star of arts for people born in the year of the snake, meaning that this influence provides you with the chance of strong success in exams and overall academic achievements during the next twelve months. Affairs of the heart are favourable for singles throughout the coming year and will favour couples that are considerate and continue to contribute to their partners needs.


    The good stars are shining on the during the coming year and strongly support wonderful opportunities for success in career and business. Riches can certainly be yours however, you will still need to be diligent and put in a good effort to avoid too many obstacles along the way. Refrain from being impulsive as this will only result in careless and ill considered actions bringing harm and unraveling any good work you have done. This year, your health will benefit more than usual by a regular exercise regime. Finally, during 2009 your love life is filled with many options so be clear in what you want and need as this will give you direction in choosing well.


    People born in the time of the goat are in clash with the current year of the Ox. Clashing against the ‘Tai Sui’ usually means a year of turbulence and movement – so go with the flow. It is necessary however to carry a pendant of the rat in order to minimize this cash. It is also worthwhile to travel more or to use this year to make long overdue changes by taking a new career path or by moving house. Avoid unnecessary pressures, be patient, let things take their course and maintain your composure. Ensure that your overall financial plan has been carefully assessed as competition will be fierce this year and it is important to minimize risky undertakings and employ efficient strategies to keep a tight rein on expenses. Your relationships can come under strain during 2009 and small misunderstandings could escalate, so keep a cool head and remain composed.


    The year of the Ox is a time for the monkey to demonstrate determination, exercise discipline and ensure sincerity in all your dealings with others. Whilst there are some minor obstacles to overcome, financial success is knocking on your door this year and the greatest challenge will be to not spread your resources too thinly and, to know which opportunities are the best ones for you. Singles will find many eligible and appealing love prospects this year and so the difficulty will be to choose just one and not play the field. For young couples, there could well be an addition to the family this year. Whilst there will always be moments of sadness in life, 2009 is dominated with supportive people and happiness is constantly at hand with celebrations and joyful events being a focal point.


    Be pragmatic and take one step at a time so as to enjoy your immense good fortune throughout the coming year of the Ox. Your chances for promotion and / or prosperous business opportunities are excellent this year but steer clear of involving yourself in highly speculative projects as problems will occur. Ensure you remain humble and not become too arrogant as your success grows and becomes more evident. It is also prudent to be cautious in developing new friendships so roosters should choose wisely. Singles will find themselves in love and would do well to consider settling down. For couples it is wise to remember that family harmony is the foundation of external success, so value what you have and do not succumb to the many temptations on offer this year.


    This year will feel like a ‘breath of fresh air’ for dog people especially after the mayhem of the past twelve months. Whilst success is close at hand it is wise to curb your temper, tread carefully, understand the scope of your resources and pursue financial success in a controlled and strategic manner. There will be many people around you that are more than willing to offer their support and assistance, so be sure to demonstrate your gratitude in some way and keep them on side. The moon is in charge during 2009 bringing strong luck to women but don’t be too picky. As for men, it is necessary to be cautious of undesirable romance bringing conflict and with it, a loss of money. Choose your friendships carefully.


    The year of the Ox is not the smoothest of years for people born during the time of the pig. Therefore it is important to approach the coming twelve months with a calm mind, maintain a happy disposition and not get too caught up in being dissatisfied. Whilst money is limited, new ideas are bountiful and so you may be inclined to consider aligning yourself with another party. But beware of getting involved with other people as there will be obstacles. It is more valuable to use your intuition to create some unexpected gains. Couples will do well to employ a strategy that

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