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Four Pillars of Dest

The four Pillars of Destiny is a traditional method of analysing human fortune.


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  • Presentor:   Grand Master Raymond Lo
  • 25 Aug


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    For the duration of the Olympics, The Feng Shui Shop is using the Four Pillars of Destiny to predict athletes performances in chosen events.

    Certain athletes have been selected and by using their birth data, (which is then transposed into the Chinese astrological system known as the Four Pillars of Destiny or BaZi), in conjuction with the elemental forces of the day, Juliana Abram uses her expertise in the subject to provide an informative and interesting commentary. This page will be updated daily.

    EAMON SULLIVAN- 50M Freestyle

    Australia’s sprint ace Eamon Sullivan, is a strong Metal man according to Chinese astrology, the Four Pillars of Destiny.

    To strengthen him through the principle of balance he needs the elements of Water and Wood and the sport he has chosen provides this. Whilst his current personal luck doesn’t satisfy this need he is well supported by the strong Water provided in the year of the Rat during 2008 and…on the day this event is to be held.

    The world’s fastest man in this 50m event is in with a very good chance of standing on the podium, medal in hand and proud of his performance at the Beijing Olympics.

    Result: Eamon missed out on a medal when he achieved 6th place with a time of 21.65

    LISBETH TRICKETT- 50M Freestyle

    A beaming light, lets hope Libby has what she needs left in the tank for this 50m freestyle race.

    She has given so much and being a Yin Fire lady needing the elements of Wood and Fire for strength, the influences of the day of this event mean that she may not be as disciplined as she needs to be during this race. If she can draw on her reserves and focus – she can once again be on that podium.

    Whatever the outcome – Libby can come home proud of her own personal achievements. Her dedication to her chosen sport and the spirit in which she has approached her time with the Australian swimming team has made Australia proud. Thanks Libby.

    Result: Libby missed out on a medal when she touched the wall in fourth place with a time of 24.25 seconds.


    All eyes will be on Grant Hackett as he endeavours to become the first swimmer to win three consecutive 1500m Olympic gold medals.

    According to Chinese astrology Grant was born in the year of the Metal Monkey and on the day of the Yang Water Horse. He is a little weak in this element and so he needs the support of the Water Rat in 2008 and the month of Metal such as August. The downside is that his personal day element is under clash this year, but thankfully he gets a much needed boost by the day that this all important race will take place.

    There is a feeling that his grip on the throne of long distance swimming may be wavering after finishing seventh in his pet event at last year's world championships. Go Grant.

    Result: Achieved silver when his Tunisian competitor touched the wall in front by under a second.

    EMMA SNOWSILL- Triathlon

    Triathlete Emma Snowsill will be battling Beijing’s tricky cycle ways, pounding the pavement and powering through water during the 29th Olympiad. It’s only the third time a Triathlon has been run in an Olympics and this grueling event punishes all competitors.

    Emma was born on the day of Yang Wood but is somewhat weak in this element and so needs Water and more of the Wood influence. The year of the Water Rat during 2008 is a double edged sword for Emma as it both supports her and clashes with her skill base. And so, this Olympics will most likely be a mixed bag for this diminutive champion.

    Result: Won Gold with a time of 1hour 58minutes and 26.66 seconds


    Two of Australia’s best male triathletes are both determined to be the first Australian male to win Gold at the Olympics.

    Courtney Atkinson was born in the year of the Earth Goat and on the day of the Wood Tiger needing the elements of Water and Wood. His personal luck is not the best and he is in clash with the month of August, however he is supported by the year of the Water Rat, giving him some chance of performing well.

    One of six children, Brad Kahlefeldt is a 3 time national champion and Australian athlete of the year. Born in the same year as Courtney but on the day of the Yin Wood Goat his own personal luck is only slightly better. Interestingly, on the day of the race, he will be both in clash and yet also strongly supported by the element of Wood.

    Although having similar charts which both suggest the possibility of injury, the edge is with Brad in this demanding event.

    Result: Courtney crossed the finishing line 11th, just in front of Brad who finished 16th after experiencing hip pain early in the race.

    MELISSA GORMAN- Open water swim

    This 22 year old distance swimmer is a chronic asthmatic and good friends with Jessica Schipper. She cites her role model as being Susie O’Neill one of Australia’s 50 finest athletes winning a medal at every single international swimming competition over an entire decade.

    Melissa Gorman was born in the year of the Wood Ox but most importantly, on the day of the Wood Monkey defining her as a Yang Wood person. This suggests that she is a kind person with a steely determination and possessing the stamina for long distance swimming.

    On the day of the event it just so happens that the elemental forces at play may provoke Melissa to swim a little more cautiously and conservatively than she should in order to win Gold.

    Result: Melissa placed 15th with a time of 2h:33.6

    KY HURST- 10Km Open Swim

    Four times Australian Ironman champion, Ky Hurst is well-known for his significant success on the national circuit. He has been in the water since he was two and cites Grant Hackett amongst his friends.

    Born in the year of the Metal Rooster he pays attention to detail and has a strong skill base. More importantly however, his day of birth, the Earth Rat is what gives him his strong will and steely determination. Needing the elements of Fire and earth, this personal luck period and the year 2008 is not the best and can present many distractions.

    However, on the day of the race he is supported with the much needed element of Fire giving him the opportunity to summon enough strength to possibly spring a surprise.

    Result: Ky achieved 11th place in a time of 1:52.13.7 - a good effort for his first Olympics.


    Both men live in the sunny state of Western Australia and have made a pact that neither enters into a meaningful relationship until after these Olympic Games so as to maintain focus.

    Born in the year of the Water Dog and on the day of the Metal Rat makes Steve a determined and robust competitor. Needing the elements of Water and Wood he is well supported by the year but not by his personal luck nor the month of the 29th Olympiad.

    Born in the year of the Earth Goat and on the day of the Water Ox makes Paul a clever man with a strong support structure. In contrast to his younger rival his personal luck is positive but he is not supported by the year of the Water Rat – 2008.

    Whilst these two are evenly matched, the day this event is being held is likely to give Paul the edge.

    Result: Paul Burgess did not make the day of the main event so Steve Hooker will be going it alone on the day of the final.


    Craig Mottram, Australia’s brightest ever prospect in this 5000M race has some tough competitors surrounding him according to Chinese astrology. He was born in the year of the Metal Monkey and on the day of the Water Dog making him a Yang Water person. He is weak in this element and so needs more Metal and Water.

    Craig is in reasonably good luck and is well supported by the intense Water of 2008 and also by the Metal element in the month he is to perform. On the day of his event however, there is very little support, his discipline will be challenged and he will experience some muscular discomfort.

    So, for him to have a good chance of being one of the non Africans on that medal podium he must remain disciplined, remember his race plan and stick to it.

    Result: Failed to qualify when, by his own admission, he followed the quicker pace set by Qatar’s James C’Kurui and this injection of pace 'stung' him.

    LEE TROOP- Marathon

    Lee Troop was the only nomination for the Australian men’s team in the marathon at the Beijing Olympics and has Aussie legend Steve Moneghetti as his coach.

    Born in the year of the Water Ox and on the day of the Fire Snake ‘Troopy’ is a Yin Fire person needing the elements of Earth and Metal to maintain balance and give him strength.

    He is not well supported in his personal luck, and the intensity of the Rat during the year 2008 creates frustrations with his support structure. Consequently his chart does not indicate Gold at the 29th Olympiad.

    As usual, Lee will give everything he has to finish this race in the top half of the field.

    Result: After a very tough race Lee ran 60th in a field of 98.

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