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    How to “design a feng shui nursery” is a good question.

    Bringing a newborn into this world is considered to be one of the most important events in our lives. That very ‘yummy’ feeling when you hold your fragile, innocent baby in your arms for the first time or……even when you are simply feeding or holding him or her in your arms. That ‘yummy connected’

    feeling also brings with it a sense of needing to nurture, protect and give them the best opportunity for happiness and life fulfillment.

    As the anticipation grows, the desire to decorate and prepare ‘home sweet home’ for your little bundle of joy becomes greater. Of course you'll want it to look just perfect; a tiny sanctuary arranged with sweet dreams for your newborn in mind.

    All you want as an expectant parent, is that your baby is healthy and as he or she grows – they will be happy. This desire for your baby’s good health and security doesn’t change once your little one is born; it only increases and becomes a priority.

    But….where do you start?

    It isn’t any wonder then that I am so often asked how to “design a feng shui nursery”. As a new Mum, you often want to ensure that your new baby feels safe, wanted and loved. You also want to make certain that you give your newborn the best start in life that you can possibly manage, particularly during these precious first weeks and year.

    Yes – your new bundle of joy does become the most important person. How could this delicate and naive boy or girl not be? Given your baby will spend most of its first year sleeping, achieving good Feng Shui in the nursery is obviously going to have a major, positive impact on his or her life.

    There are the obvious standard requirements for your baby’s health and safety such as cleanliness, comfort, good ventilation, removing any sharp objects from the nursery etc… And then there is the décor along with ""feng shui room colors"". The theme is something that should come from your heart – it is like a gift from you to your little one.

    Colors can be very helpful and effective - particularly when properly created in accordance with ""feng shui room colors"". However, to get this absolutely right and specifically tailored for your baby, you need to know the exact energetic influence of the room and your baby’s date of birth. Only then are you able to marry the two together and optimise the nursery for your little one. So, in the meantime make this a part of your overall theme.

    In addition, and as with us adults the placement of your baby’s nursery is a significant point. The effectiveness of Feng Shui in your baby’s bedroom is dependant on the nursery’s location in the home and in direct relationship to the year the home was built. Feng Shui in the nursery will also be affected by the exact degree of the homes orientation. However, this requires a feng shui expert or at least some classical feng shui lessons. Having said that, at the end of the day if your own bedroom is well placed then this is beneficial and the positive effects will automatically flow on to your child.

    You may not be in a position to determine the above aspect. Nonetheless, there are some 'form' considerations that are supportive in creating good Feng Shui in the bedroom if followed correctly.

    Here are eight important “design a feng shui nursery” tips to assist you in creating this calm environment for your special baby.

    • Often I go into nurseries that have the crib in the middle of the room. Even if one side is up against a wall the head and base of the crib has no support as the crib is in the centre of that particular wall. When discussing the aspect of nurseries in my feng shui consultations a critical aspect is the placement of the crib. Place the head of the crib up against a solid wall. This limits the level of movement around this area and therefore provides support and stability whilst sleeping.
    • Does it so happen that the only room you can use as the nursery has mirrors? If this is the case and especially if the mirror is reflecting any portion of the crib whilst your baby is sleeping – then remove it from the room. If you cannot remove the offending mirror altogether then…help your baby by covering it with a thick dense fabric or screen.
    • Ensure that the external electrical box is not located on the same wall as the head of the baby’s crib. If this is the case then it could be worthwhile to place a salt crystal lamp in the nursery. A salt crystal lamp by your baby's bedside can act as a safe, soothing 'night light' as well as keeping the air clean and enhancing sleep.
    • It is important to not have your bed resting under an overhanging beam. The closeness and largeness of the beam – the stronger its negative influence will be felt. It would serve you best to simply move the crib in this instance.
    • Ensure that your baby’s bedroom is not opposite a T-junction. If moving to another room is out of the question, then a ‘special shield’ can be used to reduce the impact.
    • Avoid placing the foot of the crib in direct alignment with the door/entry point to the nursery. This creates a rush of energy towards your baby and hence can create disturbed sleep.
    • Ensure that your bedroom is not located in direct line of any sharp corners, fences or spikes.
    • A triangular shaped bedroom at such a tender age would be far too yang. In this instance it would be best to have walls built so as to square off the room.

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