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I Ching Divination

Apr 10 2015
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I Ching Divination Two Day Workshop

  • Background and brief history of I Ching

  • Difference between fortune-tellers I Ching and academic I Ching

  • The making of the eight trigrams from the Tai Chi

  • An in depth understanding of the eight trigrams and their meanings

  • The 64 Hexagrams

  • The early divination practices – Yarrow Stalk

  • Plum Blossom Oracle

  • Casting 3 coins to create a Hexagram

    • How to formulate a clear and specific question
    • The procedures for divination
  • Using the Hsia calendar

    – heavenly stems and earthly branches
  • The clash and combine relationships of the earthly branches

  • King Wen’s system

    – labelling a hexagram
  • Labelling a Hexagram

    • Object line and Subject line
    • Labelling the 12 Earthly Branches
    • Labelling the 5 aspects – resources, colleagues, money, power, intelligence
  • In depth understanding of the 5 aspects

  • Labeling the six animals

  • How to find the void elements

  • The key element, 2nd key element, unfavourable element, 2nd unfavourable element

  • Hidden elements

  • Evaluating the strength between subject and object lines

  • How to interpret an active line and resultant lines

  • Practical examples

    Evaluating Projects
    Lost Items
    World Events

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